Ink Therapy Tattoos
Professional Tattoo Shop in Carbondale, PA
Ink Therapy Crew
  1. CORE
    Corey "Core" Grundstein, co-owner of Ink Therapy, has been tattooing professionally for 20 years beginning in SE Georgia, then up to Saginaw Michigan, back home to Miami Florida and now up here in Carbondale Pennsylvania. Working across a broad spectrum of styles, Core is a very diverse artist who doesn't want to be defined by one genre. For more info go to:
  2. DREW
    Andrew "Drew" Vranizan, co-owner of Ink Therapy, has been tattooing for 17 years right here in the greater Scranton area including owning two previous shops in Carbondale and another two shops in Eynon including Eynon Ink Tattoo Gallery. Drew is a very versatile artist delving into all realms of the tattoo world as well as handle all of your piercing needs.